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NAME: Dean Ivester
DOB: March 31, 1980

    The first guitar I ever played was a Suzuki. This rare instrument was received by my brother for his nineteenth birthday, and was eventually left to his little brother Dean while he was a camp counselor named skid at Island Lake. This fine guitar was a great joy to me while my brother was gone to camp. I began learning chords like C and G. I even learned my minor chords and successfully played a bar chord or two by the end of the summer. The graceful tones of the Suzuki kept me quite busy until my brother Chris returned. He was a bit envious that his younger sibling knew five chords while he only knew four, but he learned to cope.

   I finally realized after taking a few months of lessons what a real guitar player sounded like and that I was not one. I also realized that companies such as Suzuki who specialize in motorcycles and jet-skis make hideous guitars. I now have a couple decent instruments that I like to play as often as possible. But I still enjoy strumming the fifty-dollar Suzuki for kicks now and then.

   I have been involved with music for a short six years now, and plan on continuing for the rest of my life. I started playing in a band called Haley Road when I was fifteen with Caleb (our piano player), and a couple other great guys. The band later broke up a couple years later and after a short band auction, we went our separate ways with our individual share of the bands microphones, cords, and shakers. Me and my ever-so-helpful mic cords are now a part of ebb tide and I hope that my talents can be used with this band for years to come. If not, I will mostly cry in my bed and dream of things that might have been.