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NAME: Michael David Nelson
DOB: January 2, 1981

     Michael's room is covered with random pictures of traffic lights and sullen looking people, little bits of half written poems, and CD covers of bands he used to like, and in all fairness, some of bands he still enjoys freely. While his original goal was to completely hide all empty spaces with these previously mentioned items, he lost his drive, and now hardly looks at the one completed wall.

     In reflection of the ever-changing seasons and world, Michael's appearance is also ever changing. This might also reflect a slight identity crisis, which he is slowly recovering from.

     Michael would fancy himself a poet, or if not that, at least an artist, or if not that, a boy who has emotions. He currently has three notebooks of songs and sketches ranging in topics from depression because of relationships to depression caused by relationships. He is 18, (and therefore has unlimited relational experience) and has plans to play music in whatever venue is available for his entire life, or until something better presents itself, though he is fairly convinced nothing could be sweeter.

     In early spring of 1998, Michael joined ebb tide at the request of Caleb, who knew him from school choir, and from other guys like Dean. Michael, often called Micatin (pronounced Meekatin), was at one point supposed to take part in a piano showdown with Caleb, seeing as both played, and therefore should have a duel. This never happened however, and Mic was asked to come aboard tentatively as a bass player. (Bass was something he didn't play, and therefore he could not take part in duels with it.) After the initial days of being horrible at it, Michael was eventually accepted as the bassist of the new band, and has thankfully improved to everyone's delight.

     Michael would very much like to thank his savior, Christ, for his unrelenting grace - something he needs a lot of, and is just beginning to grasp. The purpose of his life is to develop a complete Jesus dependency, and please understand when he does not live up to that. (Especially those of you who know him prior to reading this disclaimer.)

     Michael helps write and arrange most of the songs, and he wrote part of the words to Jude (the song, not the biblical letter of), and he did the art work for "Save Me". Michael and his sister Annette made this website too, with help from Caleb, although mostly Michael sat and watched and said, "oh this is good and this is good too - yes that should go in, oh no, not that - no, no," and so on. In addition to being and doing all the things mentioned above, Michael like to play an accordion he borrowed - doing so makes him feel very bittersweet. Also, he likes all the members of ebb tide intensely, and tries to be funny with them.

     Thank you for being interested in Michael Nelson's life, it makes him feel very nice. Michael has told me that if he could say one word about himself, it would be, "help".