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     I am not precisely sure about all the details of ebb tide's history. I know that Caleb Brumbelow and Dean Ivester were in a young acoustic band called Haley Road, and they met Marc Peter, the vocalist for an alternative/garage band called The Pimpernels.

     Well those three got together after their bands were disbanded, and worked on some material. All they had were two guitars and three of Marc's girl cousins which made for five part harmony. These sessions were really just worshipful jams that formed songs like Waving My Hands.

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     Joe Mengis, former principal percussionist of the Portland Youth Philharmonic, and member of one thousand bands and jazz combos, met Dean without knowing the significance of it. Then Caleb heard about that or something... anyway they wanted a drummer for the new group and they found one. Just make up the rest in your head, and for fun, think of Joe in a clown suit on his first day of practice.

     It turns out that the silly rivalry between two aspiring pianists brought about more than just insecurity and mild hatred for Michael Nelson and Caleb. Michael was basically just a scrub that happened to attend the same high school as Caleb and Dean. Well known for his amazing jokes, the band made him pick up the bass and play - and play until he could play no more because he bit. But because of his natural talents and drive, he began to set standards for the band after a while. That's good, because now he is still in the band and has not been kicked out.

     Since the formation of the ensemble in April of 1998, and after the arduous task of naming the band, they have performed at Angela's birthday party, coffee shops, churches, and they took first place in the Portland Rose Festival band competition in 1999.

     The group released their debut album "Save Me" on June 25, 1999, which was recorded by Dean Baskerville, (a guy who has actually worked on projects for Nike, Sheryl Crow, INXS, and others at/or below his level of jokes). The project has 8 songs, and all parties involved in making the disk feel excessively warm and fuzzy about it.

     Don't get the wrong idea - ebb tide's lyrics and music are not always as jovial as this bio has successfully been. On the contrary, they deal with issues like inadequacy, struggles with identity, grace avoidance, difficulties in relationships. Honesty between band members is valued greatly as it leads us to face our Creator. The five members of ebb tide all strive to communicate a message of both reality and hope to their listeners.