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NAME: Caleb Brumbelow
DOB: May 10, 1981

     I took piano lessons when I was little. Like almost every other kid in North America. And like most of them, I hated it.

     It's really not the teacher's fault with the piano literature consisting of songs like "The Nightingale and the Cuckoo" or "The Bee and the Clover". It took me three years to recover, and then I was ready for music.

     And I thought I was pretty good. I went through a year of high school thinking that I could play, because everyone said I could. Then I meet him.

     The fifth piano instructor I had was the best, and easily the rudest (or most honest), which is just what I needed.

     I told him how many instruments I played, and instead of getting the impressed response I had grown accustomed to, he was disgusted.

     The following quote is paraphrased to how he came across, though I know he didn't say it quite like this.

      "What do you mean you play guitar, drums, upright, and piano? No you don't. You can't even play the piano."

     I thank him all the time for that statement. He respected me after I understood his statement because now his standard is my standard and I am grateful for that.

     Well there are many more important stories that I could have shared, but this is one of my favorites.